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Due date uncertainty

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I couldn't sleep last night thinking about this. Sorry if this gets long. Here's the deal.

Starting about 4 months ago my cycles started getting very long, and my periods very short and not having much in the way of real red period blood.(TMI, I know) I was ovulating for sure. I wasn't temping (too stressful, although now I'm wishing I had been). So anyway, I found out Saturday that I'm pregnant. According to what I thought was my LMP, March 4 that gives me an edd of 12/9/06. The problem is, I FEEL way more pregnant than that. The thought has occured to me that since my suppossed LMP was only three days of spotting with no red blood, and since I didn't seem to ovulate in March (that I could tell) maybe I actually got pregnant on the cycle before that one. I didn't take any HPTs after I thought I had my period, and I didn't have any pregnancy symptoms other than extreme mood issues until in the past week or so.

So, I know that going to the midwife and having her tell how big I'm measuring will help me sort this out. The only problem is I can't see her until the 28th. I have my appointment set. I was just hoping to find out if anyone else has had a similar experience.

Thank you for reading and bearing with me, sometimes these things are harder to explain in writing.
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The 28th is only two weeks away. I would wait, discuss matters with your MW and choose the furthest possible date. Later on when shr can measure your fundus that can give you a better idea. Best to just say you are due in December. The whole idea of having a single date that the baby is supposed to be born on is silly anyway. I personally think we should all have a due month rather than a due date

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I agree with Keri. It's hard to wait, but in the whole scheme of things 2 weeks isn't that long
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You may be able to guess a date from the fundal height once it's there, or you could go for a dating u/s. I know people don't think dates are important, but if you ever go in with PPROM or PTL, you do need to know how far along your baby is so they know whether it's safe for baby to come out or not. My baby was 29 weeks when I had PPROM, and the u/s at that point was saying he was 31 weeks. That makes a difference, and the u/s was wrong (I just grew a big baby), but if I hadn't known my dating early on, it could have changed how he was cared for - they kept asking me if I was SURE he was 29 weeks and not 31, because it affected the decisions being made. Early u/s's are pretty accurate with dating. I just had one last week, and it said 7w2d-7w4d, and I believe myself to have been 7w1d at the time. So that's close enough. Yes, it's a due month, not a due date. But knowing the gestational age is helpful when things go differently from your original plans.
Being a few days off won't matter, but being a month off could make a huge difference!
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I really appreciate your replies. I have two dds both were overdue. I'm not so much worried about a specific date as much as what if I'm off by a whole month. I know that seeing the midwife will help to reassure me. I'm just sort of mental right now, and I'm having a hard time not obsessing about things. It doesn't help that I just found out my neice is expecting twins! Thank you again for your input. Pregnancy makes me bonkers!
I am going through the same thing!! My LMP was 2 March, but it was 4 days late, very light and only about 3 days long, so I really think it was just spotting. I had the same thing when I was pregnant with Amethyst. Plus I have been soooo sick for OVER 5 weeks, thats the only reason I tested, AF wasn't anywhere near due.
So I told my dr on Monday at my appt, expecting her to give me a more exact timeline, but she barely touched my stomach and said I "may" only be 5 weeks along (6 now), so come back in 3 weeks for an ultrasound.
I was soooo upset! I feel like I need to know a more definite timeline. I could be 6 weeks now or almost 11 weeks, thats a big gap! And I have been sick for so long I need to know when it may stop! I have felt so horrible this pregnancy, not like Amethyst at all. I am having horrible round ligament pain, horrible morning sickness, I haven't really been able to eat but I am getting fatter, I am totally exahusted, etc.... I need a light at the end of the tunnel!
Plus I feel so horrible at work and its going to come out soon because of it, but I hate to say anything too early! We told our families right away too, and I wouldn't have if I had thought I was that early in the pregnancy. *sigh*
I know its only a couple of weeks away now, but it still feels like forever, so I totally understand how frustrating it can be!
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Here are three possibilities for you to consider- that last round of spotting could have been implantation. You would be two more weeks pregnant if that were the case. OR You could fall into the slightly uncommon category of someone who still has periods in the beginning of her pregnancy. Your hormones still have cyclical ups and downs in pregnancy, but usually the hormones are high enough to stop bleeding. If you are still experiencing some small cyclical bleeding during pregnancy IT'S OK. Don't worry.

You said it was about 4 mts ago that the cycles started getting longer and bleeding decreased. Could you possibly be 3-4 months pregnant? Can you feel your fundus? Starting at 12 weeks your fundus will rise above your pubic bone. You will feel a mass right there. At about 16 weeks it's half way between the pubic bone and your belly button. If your not sure ask a friend if you can feel her tummy so you can feel what a no fundus feels like.

I'm curious what makes you "feel more pregnant". . .therein could be some clues.
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my official edd was 9/22/05, but mw said anytime between 9/1 and 10/6 could be my dd. i had one period and was nursing when i got pregnant and my cycles are usually 47 days. i was measureing 3-4 weeks ahead at every appointment. i had him on 8/31 (measuring almost 41 weeks) and the mw did a gestation eval on him and determined him to really be only 35 weeks. so....fundal hieight is not always a great way to go because you could either have a lot of extra fluid or a little less fluid. i also had 2 u/s sounds that put my edd at 10/9 and 9/15. sorry lol, not much help.
Going by the first day of my last menstrual cycle my EDD is 6/10. A couple months ago (maybe the beginning of March, not sure) I started measuring bigger. Like, at least 3-4 cn. bigger. So we (my mw and I) started thinking that perhaps I was pg the month before and still had a period, making my EDD 5/12 OR that I could be carrying twins. Well, a couple days ago I finally had an u/s to confirm exactly what was going on. I'm NOT having twins and the u/s gave me a new EDD of 6/6 (not much change from my original EDD). My last app. w/ my mw I was measuring 37cn and the u/s showed that I am around 32wks pg. So, I don't know why I'm measuring so much bigger but, I am. That's why I say you can't always go by how your belly is measuring.
Very true that measuring isn't accurate in and of itself- only when combined with other things like symptoms of pregnancy, quickening, and LMP does it really become an indicator. Usually a woman won't measure more than 2 cm away from the standard, but that's only usually. Also, the measurements start diverging later in the pregnancy, not early. If a woman can feel her fundus right at the pubic bone it is likely that she is plus or minus 12 weeks.
LMP is by far the most accurate measurement, but only when LMP is certain and cycles are regular. I'm just saying to keep an open mind about the last few bleeds being actual menstruation or not.
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