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Due in March babies, born in April babies!

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Though I would start the thread for the March due date club momies who's babies are now to be April babies!!

At least we know they will be born this month!! haha.
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Welcome to the April DDC! I really thought I'd probably have a March baby, so I've hung out there alot too
Hope you have your babies in your arms soon!
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My big march baby has officially become an april baby!!

Seamus Hamza'Ali was born April 4th at 12:38am weighting 9lbs 9oz, 21 inches long!!!
Welcome to the world Seamus!! And Congrats, Momma!!!

Congrats mama! Welcome baby Seamus!
He was born on my due date! How overdue did you end up going? Looking forward to reading your birth story!
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Welcome and congrats!
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