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Dumb question about fertility

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How soon can you know you are pregnant? Like I just stopped mensing yesterday, but today after (well, you know
) I am feeling really queasy. I just wanna throw up, it is 12:34 at night. Strange? Is it my imagination or should I call midwife?
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just wait a couple weeks, even if you called a midwife she cant test till at least 9 or 10dpo (days past ovulation)

that said i got pregnant with my dd the day after my period so yes its my case i ovulate so 'early' cuz of short cycles (21 days) and long periods (8-12 days)


make duaa sis
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wa alaikum salaam,
thank you. af seems to come like every 7 weeks but lasts like 7-9 days. it is very odd. but sorry for tmi.that did help. if i am queasy for the next couple o days i will then panic. i am just making du-aa this is something we can handle because we are broke and a new baby wouldn't exactly be expected.
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