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Dumb ticker...

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So I have a baby countdown ticker on my blog. I hadn't thought to check it since I've passed my due date, but it caught my eye today, so I read it to see what sort of "overdue" thought it might have...

"Okay, okay, I'll admit it, I really liked it in my mommy, but I'm finally ready to go! Hooray! I've arrived!"

: No you haven't.

Do they really think that all babies are born on their due dates???
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Yeah, some of those tickers are really stupid. I had one that I used on another board, and it just QUIT at 40 weeks exactly. All the text just vanished! No 40 weeks 1 day, or anything.

I made another ticker on a different site that just says 40 w Xd and 0 days left (since there are zero days left until my EDD that's fine, I can live with it)

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