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OK I had luck asking about a pediatrician in the area, so I figure I'll ask for a psychologist/psychiatrist recommendation for me. I need a psychiatrist as my ob/gyn has been prescribing my antidepressants. Anybody stand out as being really good? Also need a therapist/psychologist/social worker for talk therapy, fwiw I have problems with anxiety and depression and would like to see somebody maybe who combines cognitive-behavioral methods and psychoanalysis. I have seen Dr. Coleman in Wappingers in the past for couples and individual therapy and LOVE him but at this moment, I really would like to see a woman I think. For the psychiatrist I don't care as much about gender, just need somebody who can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the right kind/dosage of medication.<br><br>
SO. Can anybody help me?<br><br>
ETA we have HealthNet through IBM.
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