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This JUST came out:

I'm recommending it because I like Jean Donaldson and because it's a basic manners course that actually has some production values (most dog DVDs are apparently shot by somebody using a camera phone in a sunless vault deep inside the earth).

Please note that the title is VERY unfortunate. It is not "Perfect Paws in 5 Days"; it's "Five important basic behaviors that you should work on every day for the next five years." It should also never replace real group training with a good trainer.

What I like about it is that it shows you some good techniques that apply across all training, and it gives you tools to address the most annoying behaviors (jumping, lunging, not staying in a "stay," etc.). For people who want a very positive, non-aversive, treat-based way to do some good foundational training, I think it's a good bet.
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