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dyed organics?

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what are your thoughts on dyed organics? do the think the dyes cancel out the organic and you prefer all natural? or do you prefer your organics to be pretty colors? just wondering - i love my dyed prefolds, but i was thinking of trying some organic prefolds. i just don't know if i should dye them or not! :LOL
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I think a dyed organic is better than a non-organic, but I think an undyed organic is best of all, and that's what I use exclusively now.
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low impact dyes are enviro friendly and I know the oc dyed dipes I get are dyed with low impact dyes. I like a nice, naked natural diaper, but I do enjoy a pretty fitted rainbow too.
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Well, I *prefer* a natural inner, though I don't mind the outer being dyed at all. And honestly, I'll take as many Fussybutts as Christy wants to make and send my way, and she often dyes the sewn-in soaker. So I guess it doesn't make that much difference to me! :LOL
I think dying the OC does cancel it out afa the purity goes, yet it's still cotton that was grown organically and is free of more harmful chemicals. I love both plain organic and dyed organic cottons myself. There's something to be said for a completely natural looking diaper, *and* an awesome dyed organic diaper. Either way, organic is awesome.
No, I don't think dyeing organics cancel out the organic-ness :LOL at all! Just think about the environmental savings in buying organic cotton.

As far as wool, if it's organic, it's a really good bet that it's also humanely raised. That's extremely important to me. Also important to me is the thought that the wool I am using on my baby has not been dipped in any toxic chemicals while still on the sheep
not to mention supporting the organic farmer! I actually prefer a "naked" organic diaper myself, but when it comes to a cover, especially one that's worn as clothes and can get grungy-looking, I think I actually prefer the pretty colors
Even most of the "natural" dyes require toxic chemicals to set/develop the color.

So, yes
It's definitely worth it to support the organic farmer / rancher and spare the environment to me.
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Ditto what everybody said.

Organic is still better than not, but I prefer my organic dipes undyed... at least in theory.
I perfer organic; but, I'm all about the aestethics! Usually things are dyed with low impact so I'm good with that. And like April, I prefer a *non-dyed* inner. Although, in my case that excludes fuz. Its funny how widely available oc and now *ov* are now just compared to a couple years ago when I was pg with #1 and before dd was born. I ended up "compromising" and buying conventional cotton print outers. I ended up liking the prints and that's my stash as opposed to the solids.
: So how does *that* cancel out the organic. :LOL I think that the oc/ov is on the important parts. I
the cute prints though.
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