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Dyed prefolds

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Where did you get them? Did the color run onto other stuff when you washed them? Can you wash on hot and w/ all of your other dipes? And spam me, please!

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I know kimberlylibby hand-dyes... You might ask her!
I got some from . I had no bleeding with these at all! I love the colors! They wash on hot wth all my other dipes, no problem.
I have bought from Cotton Pickin' Creations , Tye Dye Dreams , and Christensen Creations(SOS)(SOrry, I don't have a link for that one). I was very impressed with all of them. I washed them on hot and nothing ever ran.
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If you already have some plain prefolds, this is a very easy thing to do yourself! I just dyed up a bunch the other night. I used procion fiber reactive dyes, and got great results. All you need is some dye, some salt, some soda ash, some plastic buckets, sythrapol. . . and a washing maching (for the end, I used our apt. coin-op). Check out the sewing and crafts forum if you want to try it!

No colors running together over here, and I have rainbows. I do a cold rinse then long hot wash, and everything's good. My full array of diapers. Click the little play button above the photo if you want to see closer-up photos. Mine are from Sunflower Derrieres.


I dye my own. Might be selling some in the near future. I need a way to support my diaper buying habit.
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