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Dyeing mamas... can you help?

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DD received this beautiful knitted outfit as a gift.... only the color is horrible.
I'm wondering if it's possible to get a decent result dyeing it? It's a light peach/pink color now, and I'm honestly not sure what the yarn is made of, but I don't think it's wool. I'd guess cotton or a cotton/acrylic blend. It's pretty soft, so not TOO much acrylic. Is there any hope for this outfit?
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I have dyed cotton/polyester things and they usually come out pastel (no matter how dark the dye was) or streaky... You could give it a try, but I'm not sure how great the results would be. Or you could be lucky and it's all cotton.
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Some of the new acrylics are really soft, so you might be SOL.
Could you try a little tiny bit somewhere on the onside of the outfit to find out? Of course, if it is acrylic, it won't dye at all.
i'd agree that if possible you should test a section of it to see if it'll take before trying to dye. everything i've dyed thats been cotton/poly blend has come out pastel except garanimals brand (go figure!?)

are you a dyeing mama? are u planning to use procion dyes?
Thanks for the advice!
Nope, I'm not a dyeing mama. I think I've Rit-dyed about 5 things in my lifetime, and that's it. :LOL But if there were ever something to try with, it would be this outfit. I really CAN'T make it any uglier than it already is. :LOL It's the most horrible color I've ever seen. I found a really cool knitting/spinning/dyeing shop near me ( ) and was thinking of giving it a try, since I really can't mess it up. And they sell the Procion dyes, but I'm not sure exactly what type to get. Maybe I should just take the outfit into the store and see if they can help me figure it out?
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