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dyeing prefolds

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what to dye diapers with that will be ok for baby butts?
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I bought the tie dye kit from . . . Haven't used it yet, but I've heard it's one of the best kits to use. . .

but is it safe on their bottoms?
I just used plain old RIT dye. I had to dye DDs diapers in order to distinguish them from the diapers at her daycare. We've never had any problem with rashes and the color does not get on the skin.
From what I understand, the synthrapol will remove all excess dye. I do know that we'll need to wash a couple times to remove the synthrapol as that can be pretty harsh . . . I know a LOT of mamas use the dharma dyes, and I haven't heard of any problems with babies' butts. . .

We did it! About half of our diapers came out nice, the other half, well at least we're just using them around the house! (We used the teeny tiny tie dye kit from dharma)

We don't use them for butts, but for "burp cloths" which right now means wiping up all the drool, as I seem to have a drool machine. The other day she got ahold of it and gnawed on it for a while. No leaking from the dye, and no ill effects . . .
Ok so now I'm dying to see pictures! I have 2dz infant IPF's on the way and was thinking about dyeing them but am a little nervous. Was it difficult? Is it worth the money for the dyes?? I see the kits but am not a fan of the colors so I'd bye different colors to go with it.
OK, here are some photos :)

And in reference to skin. . . She wore the onesie for a day and to sleep in, with no skin problems. . .
we dyed. i did not wash enough after using one so her butt turned blue. they look ok, i probabl shouldn't have used super old dye though.

these are a little dirty s the pics were taken before i washed them. so ignore the little spots,

i also madesome plain blue ones.

the next two my three year old did. they look better then mine


oh i can't wait to do the next diaper size, hopefully they will come out better
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please teach me how do you dye like that? mine look so stupid.

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Thank you! I just followed the directions that came with my kit . . . And that I found online. . . And only half of them turned out nice. . . Besides, I like your flowers!!! (Here is what I learned: Rolling is bad with pfs, as the dye didn't make it through to the middle. Pleating worked best, as long as I made the pleats small . . . )

I had so much fun, I'm thinking of buying some different colors and dyeing a bunch of clothes. Wanna come over and do it with me?
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yeah i tried to do the heart thing, lickily i figured out it wouldn't work with prefolds before i dyed.

ohh i am going to do the next batch next week. i eill get back with you all on results. i might have to buy more diapers so i can perfect my diapers.
dh will like that.
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YEah, I'm thinking of doing a bunch of onesies and shirts that I'm sure dh will love me spending $$ on :)
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