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dying mohair black

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I have some stained, but white, mohair and I wanted to dye some of it black. I need to use a harmless or food based dye b/c I do it in the kitchen. I tried wilson's black icing color recently on a play silk I was trying to make zebra stripes on and it came out blue.

I have some setasilk paints could I paint it instead of dying?

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uh... mohair is my thing (six goats) and I have never even considered dying mohair black... I don't know the answer for you- but my experiences with black rit dye and jeans in the 80's as a teenager... well... let's say that I don't trust it to not stain my butt black after a day of snowboarding... ...sooo not getting laid... lol
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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