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Dying Our Hair

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How many of you plan to dye your hair at some point in this pregnancy? And if you are, when?

I normally dye my hair every couple of months. I HATE my natural hair color and like to be a bit different, so my hair is usually black, blond and fire engine red, or blue and black or some sort or mixture of colors that you don't normally see around here.

I let my hair go last prenancy because I was scared of what it would do to the baby but I also felt like crap because I felt I LOOKED like crap KWIM? This time I'd like to dye it at least once because it hasn't been done in about 4 months and is looking pretty horrid.
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I know some people have no qualms about dying during pregnancy, but I don't plan on it. I decided after hearing from my nutritionist that the professions with the highest toxic load are painters and hair dressers.
I have done henna while pregnant.
I dyed my hair when pregnant with DD. I just opened the window and turned on a fan. Not sure how you'd go about it in a salon (if you do).

This time I'm all-natural, but considering platinum once baby comes. Until then, blah...
I stopped dying my hair (mostly because of the ridiculous cost) after we'd been TTC for 13 months with no luck. Used to do the double or triple process with foils, dye and more dye. About 4 months later we conceived, so I'm still au naturelle now.

I dont hate my natural color, but some highlights on the crown sure would look good with a tan preggo glow. Considering getting some highlights in July, if anything, because I dont know when it will fit into the budget again!

I dont think the foils are a much of a risk as sitting in the chair around people getting perms could be.
I dye my own hair, but I won't while i am pregnant. I have a lot of gray A LOT especially for someone who is only 31 I would say we are looking at 25% at least and it all frames my face, so normally I want all that gone, but I will just wait till after the baby comes.
As you might remember mine was pink, but I buzzed it all off because I'm just nt convinced of the safety of dying. I hate my normal boring hair too
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I'm extremely tempted to dye my hair as well! I didn't with ds, and I still feel a bit nervous about it with this one. I usually go to aveda salons where the fumes are very minimal, but oh my the cost! Oy! I keep telling myself I can get some really nice cloth dipes or a new carrier for the price of getting my hair done...which only lasts 3-4 months.

I think though that if you're really feeling down about your looks and you know having some fresh new color would brighten your outlook on life, then go for it! I personally would try to go to a "natural" salon where they don't use amonia. Those do it yourself kits are pretty harsh.
I dyed my hair for the first time in years before I got pregnant. Now it's growing out and I'll probably go have some foils done to hide the stripe on the top of my head until I give birth. I'm not sure of the dangers of full on hair dye, but I know that foils always seemed safer since the dye doesn't sit on the scalp for long periods of time. My salon must be quite ventilated, because I never notice too much of a smell. If you're going for all over color, I say go to a professional. I was a shampoo girl for a while and I used to mix up the color. I know that they tailor the strength of "each batch. They only go as harsh as they need to, unlike OTC hairdye which has to be more of a one size fits all.
I was thinking of using a home dye that is black. The process only takes 15 mins since my hair is already brown. I'm still not so sure about it and don't plan on doing it until spring so I can sit outside while it is doing its thing. Im just sort of nervous about it LOL.
i just layered my own hair today. It's curly, so any slight unevenness isn't noticeable and I just sudden'y got sick of it when I got out of the tub.

It's not too bad, either.
tridoula, I don't think what you just explained would be too bad.

I go back and forth with getting into (hair) dying...I have dark hair and am greying significantly on one side and underneath. But when it comes down to it, I'm like a pp--I just can't shell out the money when I could buy something else that would last with it. My hair is long and grows fast so it'd def be something I'd have to add to the budget.
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I do henna, but I would use anything else during pregnancy.
I dye my blonde hair to a dark auburn year round. I won't do it during the 1st trimester, but I dyed it myself from a box kit every 8 weeks or so with DS. I just did it outdoors to make myself feel better. The only issue I ever had was the hormones making it come out wonky, it was more orange the first time than I had expected!
I haven't done it yet this pregnancy (and so I'm sort of strawberry blonde) but I've got the itch for sure.
I dyed my hair twice in my first pregnancy but I got sick of the process and have since stopped dealing with dying my hair. I'm just too flippin lazy.
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