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I was hospitalized for ecoli for about a week. I was septic when I went to the emergency room and had to be given ivs for dehydration,potassium and antibiotics. I am still taking antibiotics. I am weak and tired from the whole ordeal.

I know there are going to be somethings that need fixed after these antibiotics are over. I hate taking them-first antibiotics I have had since I was a small child. I am just very sure that for this infection they are necessary. My body is to weak to fight anything off on its own at this point.

Where do I go from here once i am off the medication? probiotics, supplements--things to build my body's store of nutrients back up--the dr. is not to helpful in this regard and I would apreciate any advice.

I came very close to dying and I am very concerned about regaining myself back to my original healthy me.
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