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Eagle cam

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I'm putting this here since it can be used for so many things. I figured I could put it in TAO but thought you homeschoolers might enjoy it the most.

My friend sent me this link. It is a live feed during the day and from the looks of it they replay the day's footage during the night. It's of two eagles that take turns tending the nest. You can even see the eggs at one point!!!! There is sound so if you have speakers turn them on!

Eagle cam

It takes a second to start after you click play but it does start I promise!
Anyways, I figured someone out there might be doing a lesson on birds and this would be a cool way to do something.
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Thank you for sharing that link! I bookmarked it for us all to check out each day.

Warm wishes,
That is great, I also thank you for sharing!
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