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ear infections?

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How do I know??
How do you treat them?

I've tried searching here but cant seem to find anything about ear infections ... I couldnt figure out how to search both words
My 11 month old DD is just getting over roseola, has the rash now no fever but has been restless the past 2 nights & pulling on her ears. I dont know if she is just uncomfortable overall & ill about the sickness or maybe it is an ear infection. I gave her Hylands teething tablets & put garlic oil in her ears last night & she immediatly went back to sleep.
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I think the only way to REALLY know is to have the fluid checked in their ears, unless you actually see the ear red or infected. I read ear pulling isn't a reliable sign since it can also mean teething, etc.

I've read the mullion garlic oil is good (slightly warmed). I'm going to try that myself next time DS gets an EI.
I just treat my kids for an ear infection even if I only suspect that it might be one. It can't hurt since the remedies are so gentle.

I clean the ears out by dropping some hydrogen peroxide into each one, then draining it out. Then I put some warmed garlic infused coconut oil in the ears. I give them raw apple cider vinegar infused with elderberries, honey, and warm water to thin the secretions and aid drainage (you can use Sambucol for this). If there is a lot of pain, I can also use a carrot or potato poultice around the neck to drain the ears.
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