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Ear pain in 3 year old - please help

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My 3 year old dd has complained of ear pain a few times, off & on over the past couple weeks. The first time was when she had a cold, so I associated it w/that, gave her a dose of children's Tylenol and it seemed to go away. (This happened maybe 2 or 3 times over the course of the cold.) Now, just last night she woke saying her ear hurt, and again when she woke in the morning. The Tylenol seems to take away the pain. There is no fever or redness, or discharge. However, dd is often mucousy, especially at night when she is laying down. We have never had ear pain or infections in our family before, so I am at a loss. I am reluctant to take her to the pediatrician, bc I think she will be prescribed antibiotics and we are just recovering from recurrent yeast.

Also, I don't know if there could be any connection, but she also is having a tooth problem - one of her front top teeth has started to turn brown. All the others are perfectly fine. We go to the dentist Monday. Could these two be related? Both are so uncommon for us, it makes me wonder what could be going on.

Any info, insights, BTDT, and natural remedies would be greatly appreciated. I remember reading something about putting a drop of oil (olive?) w/garlic in the ear for pain, but I don't recall the specifics.

Thank you mamas!
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bump - just hoping to catch some more mamas
Is the ear pain directly in the ear or more like in the eustacian tube that's draining to the throat? I had many recurrent ear infections as a child and still get ear pain for no apparant reason.

It is possible that her tooth could be the problem. I would think without a fever she wouldn't have an ear infection. Maybe just pressure from a cold? Hope she feels better soon.
My 2 1/2 year old son just had his first ear infection. I would at least take your daughter to the doctor for the diagnosis. If it is an ear infection and they want to prescribe antibiotics you can always decline. OR you can do what I did and take the prescription and not use it.

Drops of olive oil with garlic, mullien, and st. johns wart will help ease the pain. You can get these in drops already mixed at a natural grocery store.

One of my son's ears perforated so we could not put the drops in the ear. I ended up giving him garlic orally. Garlic is an antibacterial that can help heal the infection. I also dosed him up on echinecea to help his immune system.

I also took him to the chiropractor and had him adjusted. This helped him tremendously! I believe it got the fluid draining in the ear.

I do think the ear and teeth thing could be related since it is all connected.

Good luck!
I forgot to add that she could have an ear infection without the fever. I have had several friends say that their kids had ear infections and didn't realize it since they had no fever.
Thank you for the replies mamas. I will definately look for those ear drops at our health food store. I do think it may be related to the tooth also bc they both came on at the same time. We go to the dentist tomorrow, so I'll see what he thinks too. I haven't taken her to the pediatrician bc the pain is so fleeting - she'll say it hurts, I give her Tylenol, then it is gone for days. Of course I would like to avoid the Tylenol, but I don't want her to suffer either. I am hoping the drops will work.

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated also. TIA.
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