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Early christmas shopping!

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I just got a bunch of shopping done because Magic Cabin is having their summer sale. I got some wooden slicing fruit, a wooden toaster, some little organic cotton veggie stuffed toys and a teether for the baby. All of it was half off or more. My dh is building one of these for our daughter for christmas, so now she will have some accesories for it.
: I tend to follow the old saying: Something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read. So I've got her wants down and I bought us matching sock monkey pjs from Target on clearance last year for the wearing part. I just need to pick out a book and one other thing before then.
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Congrats! Do you usually do your shopping ahead, or are you just not looking forward to shopping with a new baby?

I started looking around and planning -- I am hoping to have at least everything for the kids (which includes buying gifts for them on my grandparents' behalf) bought and delivered before the baby is born, and at least to be started on other family members. I'm really bad at Christmas shopping, it stresses me out, so hopefully I can just get it all over with and enjoy the season this year.
I usually start planning in August, because I hate being in the crowded stores right before christmas. My dd was born 2 weeks before christmas, so we have a birthday party for her, which is about two weeks after thanksgiving, so that time of year is even busier.
We usually start around now too. Wish this wasn't a tight month, that sounds like a great sale.

My youngest will have a birthday next month, then we'll start stocking up for my 3 year old's birthday (right after Thanksgiving) and the holidays. I usually get all our other family first, since most of them are far away and have to ship. But we've also started doing more hand made and personal gifts for them, so will need to use the pregnancy time to do that, since I sure won't want to later. A friend and I are planning a big trip fruit picking with both families, then the dad's are taking the kids so we can do a bunch of canning for gifts this summer too. Yumm!
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