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Early Potty Learning--16mos? Help, she's showing signs

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DD keeps taking off her pants and wanting to go on the potty after her brother does. Also, now she is coming to me and pulling down her pants and saying potty, albeit after she has peed. What should I do? She is so young and so tiny, I do feel it would be more like she is training me to take her LOL bc she can't really do it herself yet. With DS it was easy, it was a couple days before his second bday and his friend was on a potty and he just climbed up on the toilet and peed and we went from there. I really wanted to wait till the summer when I could have her in dresses without undies on, but maybe I need to start now, since she is willing? I hate potties but maybe I will have to get her one so she can get on it herself? Aack, any thoughts?
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My older dd started doing the same thing at 15.5-16 months. She'd go "psss" when she had to go pee or poop. I wound up getting a potty and setting it in whatever room she was in and let her run around w/out pants. I was in the same spot in that it was the middle of winter, but she wanted to go, so I figured that I'd take advantage of the opportunity. Within 2 months she was potty trained albeit with quite a few accidents on the floor in that 2 month time when she only recognized the need to go right as she was starting to go. I believe that I took her out on long shopping trips in pull ups until about 19 months or so, though just to be safe.
My DD had an interest in the potty also, starting around 16 months. I think it's just a time of increased awareness, specifically of seeing mommy on the potty (or other family members). She was pooping on the potty pretty regularly for a while, then abruptly lost interest. Then she started using the potty again around 24 months. Her interest is still intermittent.

We have a seat on the toilet because the thought of having to wash out those little potties kinda grossed me out
You can always get a stepstool so they can help themselves up to it. Those little potties are a nice size for kids though, and more self-service.

As long as you're not pushing her to exclusively potty I think it's fine. Every kid goes at their own pace...
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dd was really interested at 17 mos or so. She did pretty well for a while, then lost interest. then after ds was born (22 mos) she was super into it. SHe would have maybe one accident per day but still pooped in diapers. THen we moved and she was back in diapers full time. Then at about 2.5 she just did it.

The point: it can be a long process. Go with the flow. If they will pee or poop even once per day, it is one less diaper change for you.

you may want to go check out the EC (elimination communication) forum under Diapering
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DD also started showing signs of readiness at around 15 mos then she progressed on her own, telling me when she peed, went on the potty several times if placed on there...then she lost all interest until 24mos and then she "trained" herself in a day. She's now 26mos and doing great and only wearing diapers for naps and bedtime.

Each child is different, I would definitely explore it a bit and you'll be able to tell if she's truly ready or not. Just try not to have expectations as these kiddos have their own things in mind.
At 16 mo DD was telling me after she'd gone. That progressed to saying she was going. At 22mo, I actively tried to train her for a couple hours, introducing the concept, which she got. But physically, she couldn't get to the potty in time once she felt the urge to go. At 25mo she woke up one morning, took off the diaper, sat on the potty, and training was over. Other than the occasional accidents, no problems. I do have her "practice" after an accident. We clean up the mess together and then run back and forth from the accident site to the potty then a few other places and back to the potty to remind her to go when she feels the urge. I never pushed her... it just happened....whew!
I was 100% day and night dry by 18 months.

My DD is 14 months and sits on the little potty every time I go pee.

I think that if she's showing signs, GO FOR IT! It's all about when THEY are ready. If she asks to go, you can't tell her she's too little that would cause other issues.

Good luck! Dr. Sears has some great potty learning tips on his site.
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