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I am severely depressed and cry a lot right now.

I think I have early pregnancy diabetes but I've read all over that Early Pregnancy diabetes is just undiagnosed diabetes.
I don't think I believe this and that's what's tearing me up.
I had my ha1c done in either pre-pregnancy or very VERY early pregnancy (like 10 dpo) and it was 5.8 which isn't GREAT but it isn't considered diabetic either. I had also been abusing my body in the previous month with too many refined carbs.

Now after I eat dinner I get dry mouth. I can drink a lot of water and the dry mouth doesn't go away. And my body doesn't process liquid very fast so I'm stuck there with an aching belly full of water...but I still have dry mouth.

I remember having dry mouth last time. I also remember losing over 60 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight.
With the Dx of GD, I think I starved me and my son a lot for the sake of keeping my blood sugars under control. If I didn't have ketosis, it's only because they didn't check it.

I'm scared this time of screwing up my baby. I think I got lucky last time.

If anyone could give me some advice, I would really appreciate it.
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