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Early Risers?

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I don't know what is up with my toddlers lately (32 months and 13 months). We had to cut out my older DD's afternoon nap in order to help her sleep better at night (this has worked wonders) but now suddenly both of my girls are waking up at 4 am every day. I can't let them cry (I know some people don't believe in this) because they wake each other up, but we can't get them either because they think it is daytime and want to play.

I am at a loss for what to do here...any thoughts? They both go to bed around 6:30 pm now (I realize this is early for some, but this really works well for our family overall). Typically they get up around 6 am, and though this is early, we can deal with it.

TIA for any help you can offer! I know some people can function on minimal sleep...I, unfortunately, am not one of them!
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Maybe you could put her to bed an hour later?

My DD has always woken up at 630, sometimes earlier. I read that it is genetic.
I should have added in my original post...we have tried earlier and we have tried later (and stuck with it for a few days to give adjustment time) to no avail.

Sigh...sometimes I just want to sleep until know?
This seems to be the time of year when there are lots of posts about kiddos waking up extra early.

Is your room absolutely, completely dark? We have super dark velvet curtains, but my 28 month old DD still finds the one teeny tiny crack of light, realizes it's daytime and is wide awake at 5am. What I finally did was put cardboard on the windows--I just taped it to the panes. I've also done the same thing with tin foil. It sounds kind of crazy, but it makes her sleep much longer in the morning. Good luck! (I see you're in the UK--we're in the Netherlands, so I imagine you're getting daylight as early as we are these days!)
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