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Earth stove

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I am thinking about making an earth stove. I made an earth oven last year & dh refused to let me light it coz it was too near to the house
: So I was thinking this time of making an earth stove. I've looked on line for plans but can't find anything. Anyone recommend any books or anyone made one ?
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We're building a Justa stove for our cob house. It's essentially a rocket stove. It's has a chimney to vent any smoke (which, w/ a rocket stove, there is very little) and is one of the most fuel conservative.

Do a google search on "Justa stove" and you'll find a few pictures (which is enough for my DH since he's built rocket stoves before) and there is also a book w/ the plans for $8. Hope that helps!

We're building our own house too & part of it is cob. I've not started on the cob bit yet but hope to in a few months or so.
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Okay, excuse my ignorance here...but what is an earth stove?!
That means that part of it is made from cob (clay, sand, straw). Most of the time there are bricks involved as well.
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