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Earthy Baby Soakers?

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Anyone tried 'em?

Gosh, they're almost cheaper than buying the wool myself!

Course I'm VERY picky about SOFT wool.....

Feedback, anyone?

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I have one. The yarn is plenty soft for my taste. The fold over waist band drives me nuts though. We use it every day though.
Check out the review thread up above.
I only had one of her soakers and it was a new design that didn't fit well so I can't really comment but I know plenty of people have had experiences with Earthy Baby.
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I think they are definately good for the price. Then again, I only own 3 wool soakers, and EB is 2 of them.
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I have the older style ones (like shorts with a drawstring waistband) and I love them. The price is right too.
Yes, I have two that are "short" style with the drawstring - I'm very happy with them and the price is
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Jenn, I looked for a review thread, if there is one I'm too stoopid to find it.

I looked under Earthy Baby... is it under something else?
I have one of the new design soakers.I ordered a large so it is a bit big but I still use it a lot.I think it is soft and beautiful.I can't believe I only paid $15 for it.
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