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Am considering taking a hypnobirthing class w/my DH. They're so expensive, so it's a bit daunting - but I've heard good things about the classes, as long as the teacher doesn't push the expectation that "you'll feel no pain." Anyway, am looking at 2 classes -- one put out by the Nurture Center in Lafayette and taught by Heather Morrison. The other is put out by BirthWays and doesn't state the teacher. They also don't say that they include audio tapes & materials, whereas the Nurture Center's class does say so - they're more $, though.

Does anyone have any experience with either of these classes or with hypnobirthing in general? Am also considering just taking a regular childbirth prep class (we're planning a homebirth in December,) and buying a hypnobirthing book + tapes online and going at it on our own.

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