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Easter Grass I have been knitting

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This is one I did last year. I am in the process on knitting some for folks on MDC and another board I am on. Grass green seems to be a popular color.
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AHA! Now I get it... I couldn't really tell from the pic you sent, Michelle, but now I see how it "works" - very cool! do you feel like sharing the "how to"? I'd love to make some for my son.
Knit a hat in the round. Swatch some to see how many stitches per inch. Measure your basket. Cast on number of stitches needed for basket. Then work in the round like a hat. I never follow a pattern. That is about the best I can do.
thank you for sharing - such a creative idea and so much nicer than plastic grass!
Did you use fun fur? (Sorry if that's a dumb question!)
Sorry, some Lion Fun Fur, some other brands but yeah, basically fur.
very cool

I actually found some yarn that looks EXACTLY like easter grass in my LYS yesterday on clearance. I can't see what else this stuff could possibly be good
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