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easter grass

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what do folks use for 'easter grass' for the baskets that isnt that plastic stuff?

thanks in advance for any ideas!
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what about spaghmum peatmoss, or they have paper grass ( I bought some for 19 cents at salvation army!)
I am lining my kids baskets with a playsilk.
I wanted to get playsilks, but didn't get them ordered in time. I plan on getting cute bandanas and putting in instead
Peat moss is a great idea, very earthy looking. The only thing I can see that would be a problem is that peat moss can be pricey and it crumbles very easy - it can make quite a mess.

How about using raffia?
If your peat moss is anything like the peat moss I was shoveling yesterday, I wouldn't do it. It goes EVERYWHERE.

I dyed playsilks for DS last week, so I'm using them in his basket also. I did six of them, so his basket may not be big enough for those and the eggs-with-trains-in-them. I'm sure he won't mind an overflow.
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I'm also using green playsilks over here.
If you don't have playsilks, see what other fabric you have around the house - pillowcases, baby blankets, some pretty/soft garment that can be folded to line the basket, etc.

If you have a paper shredder you could take some of your recycled paper and make "grass", but it would probably be messy.
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The moss Im thinking of is that brown long string stuff, usualy found in trees in florida. Maybe Im calling it by the wrong name? It is messy but not to bad I use it in plants and baskets alot.
Kibba is thinking Spanish Moss - but still, I think raffia would be cleaner and neater.
Well, dd will get 2 baskets this year. I
Spring! We did one basket for Ostara, which is the pagan root of easter & for that I used a hand-dyed playsilk... but we just started soaking some kamut berries last night to sprout them so we can have real grass for our Easter basket! You can do it w/wheat or spelt berries, too... but you'd really need to start them today.
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I agree with the fabric idea. My nearly 9 year old step-daughter loves to sew, so we bought her a couple of yards of fabric (a lovely purple oriental dragon brocade - lucky girl
) for the bottom of her basket.
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I just lined the bottom of our basket with watercress seeds and some mixed sprouting seeds... they should be ready by easter. The wheatgrass would work really well and look super cool too!
what incredible ideas!!! thanks so much.

better go get started and see which ones I might be able to do......
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Can you use some hay? You can buy a small package at a pet shop. They sell it for rabbits there. My dd is too little for easter but I can't wait til next year!
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