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Easter tales

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This is my first Easter night alone with my boys. Now, of course, there is lots going on at my parents' house, 2 blocks away, with siblings and cousins and egg hunts and such. Last year my sister and niece were here with us to celebrate and that made things great. And the year before that we were still exitsting in our old life (EGADS - it was awful!!) - we moved out 2 years ago next week. Two years ago I remember so vividly because the boys and I were preparing our eggs and decorations and X sat in the basement and partook in his behaviors that were more important...

So I am feeling a bit of loneliness and loss as well as much pride! on our successes so far. I feel like this is a milestone for me. I would love to have someone here to lean on for the occasion, but the easter bunny must feel it important for me to do it myself.

What are you doing?

Happy Easter (Eoster) everyone
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Very sweet post! I remember just last Easter when my husband threw a fit about nothing, we spent the weekend with his wacko parents and his mother kept asking my oldest to watch her go to the bathroom, take a shower with her and various other innappropriate and strange things. THANK GOD I'm away from all of that. I feel a little lonely too but also that same sense of pride and peace that the boys and I are on our own.
Happy Easter to you!
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