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easy take along toddler breakfast

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I'm looking for easy high protien breakfasts my dd can take to daycare etc.
she doesn't drink milk so i feel like we need to push those tmes protien and calcium.smoothies don't work good for her yet she's still a sippy cup user......
any suggestions ideas welcome
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My DS drinks smoothies out of sippy cups with no problem. If it's very, very thick, then I thin it out with a little water. Some cups have bigger openings than others, too, so you can shop around.

You could make homemade granola bars and include a protein source (soy protein powder, for example, or nut butter). Does she eat eggs? You could do breakfast burritos or egg & cheese sandwiches (on a biscuit, english muffin, or roll). Hardboiled eggs and diced cheese in a Gladware container to nibble on. Or maybe a nut-butter-banana wrap in a tortilla?

For drinking smoothies, we like using the cups that allow us to use new straws each time since straws are so hard to clean. You can recycle the small cups with disposable lids that you get from fast food places. Otherwise you can buy a new package from a party supply store. We found ones with animal drawings.
chicken nuggets (real ones, not McNuggets, of course) & cheese sticks, maybe? (Alright, it's not exactly "breakfast" but my DS doesn't seem to care!) Maybe scrambled eggs or hard boiled eggs?
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