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easy way to do Eye Spy bags

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Ive seen a lot of tutorials online and made mine based on a bunch of them. Here's the details of how I did mine. I read a lot about how people have difficulty sewing the plastic, and I found a good solution I thought I would share. It was SO EASY.

I cut two 9x9 pieces of fleece and 1 5x5 piece of plastic (I used an old comforter bag and cut it up for the plastic).

I used painter's tape (the blue kind thats not super sticky) and taped the plastic in the middle of the "wrong side" of one piece of fleece. I layed the tape to the very very edge so almost all of it was on the fleece but it just got the very edge of the plastic under the tape. Then I put a piece of light colored tissue paper over the top and sewed around the square inside of the blue tape. If you use light colored tissue paper, then you can easily see the blue tape under it and it gives you a guide for your presser foot. Just cruise around the inside edge of the blue tape and you get a perfectly sewed square. Then you tear off the tissue paper and the tape. It comes right off. (The purpose of the tissue paper is to stop the presser foot from catching on the plastic. The tape is nice because the material is super flat rather than the puckering that pinning can give.)

Flip the fleece to the "right side" and cut out the fleece that is inside the "window." Because fleece doesn't fray, this works beautifully. Just neatly cut around the edge of the window, and it looks very cute.

Then I sewed both "right sides" of the fleece together (so the wrong side is facing out) all the way around excluding a small spot to turn it right side out. In the upper left hand corner (which is the right hand corner when its wrong side out), I put a loop of ribbon (so I can attach my list of objects on a card with an o-ring). Make sure you put the loop INSIDE and have the tail ends of the ribbon where you can see them. That way when you turn it, its correct.

Snip the extra fabric at the corners and turn.

I made 6 of these in no time.

I was resistant to the idea of fleece at first, but I think its actually quite nice because its so soft to touch. My concern with my cotton fabric was that if I didnt sew the edges under twice, it might start fraying in the bag and get frays of fabric mixed in to the eye spy goodies.

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Just wanted to add that I stuffed some of mine tonight. If I had them to do over, I'd make the pillow smaller. I am using a bag of bean bag fill per bag and its still pretty floppy. One of mine was sewn backwards by mistake so I cut the edges off and resewed it. It ended up smaller as a result. I like the feel and look of the smaller bag better in comparison. Will save you money on the fill as well.

Also, I used a digital camera and took a picture of all the items to put on a card to attach. Otherwise, I think its kind of pointless for young ones, as a type written list means nothing to a non-reader.

That's a great idea with the blue painter's tape!
Reverse applique! Why didn't I think of that? Thanks for the tip!
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