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Reading the book eat to live equipped me with the information to WANT to make a radical change to improve my overall health..I realized that I don't want to be the size of the "average" Amercian (which is overweight) and suffer from the same diseases that are considered "normal" in our culture(heart attacks ect). This book culminates all the information and cuts through all the BS about diets, the food pyramid, food manufacturers, fat, carbs,....
I had been reading about veganism already the past month then I was led to the eat to live book. I have always been in sports and weights and thought I ate right...but I was always just a little chunky for all that effort I was putting in. I started eat to live at 163 (5'7") and after the first week I was at 155 (my pre -preg weight!!!) I have lost at least 2 more pounds this week.I am guessing that my weight will stabilze about 140/45 (My dr said with my frame and muscle mass from weights what is a good goal) For the first time in my life I feel like I can be thin, full, and HEALTHY!!!! I have never had all those at the same time!!!!! I did have detox symptoms:headache and fatigue but it was all worth it to stop my additicion to american tastes!!!

I just ordered the 1.5 hour video on the eat to live program because my family and friends keep asking me about it (it was $20.00) It goes over the concepts of the high nutrient diet then, hopefully, after they see that they will want to read the book..
I tell people that I would not have been able to make these changes without reading the whole book first....
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