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Eating a ton at night?

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Ok, my 7 mo old is now up 3-4 times a night and eating a TON every time. No amount of soothing, rocking, singing, etc. keeps him from wanting food! He's usually really good about only eating when he's hungry - so, obviously, he's hungry, but how much longer can this go on????? He's sleeping WORSE not better as he gets older...dh and I are plum tuckered out!! Any ideas??
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I don't have any ideas for you but want you to know you're not alone- my little one is up every 2 hours to eat every night. Hope you find some help!
Is he cosleeping? Some nights that's the only reason I slept. There's a growth spurt around then I think. Can you sleep through nursing? That age was when it got where dd could latch herself on at night without help....


DS is 7 months old and if it weren't for cosleeping, I don't know how I would get any sleep... he's eating every hour or so at night. I think it's a combination of growth spurt and suddenly higher activity level (now that he's more mobile).
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My babe definitely goes thru stages of this. Like your ds, only eating makes it all better when she does wake up. As soon as she is done nursing, she is sound asleep again. Co-sleep, feed immediately and it does improve!

dd 8 mo.
My ds just turned 1 and is like this-right now it's coupled with teething his lower canines & molars!!!! He gets so involved in play during the day that he doesn't want to stop to eat, even if I have food or drink there for him. He does, however, take up to 3 bottles overnight. I have been trying everything to change it, but no luck. I just nap when he does, but I'm interested to see what others here do/have done to reverse this!
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