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I'm new here and just have a quick question-
Does anyone know anything about those packing peanuts that dissolve?
My 15 mo dd had one in her mouth and then got red this morning.. I called poison control and they said it shouldn't be poisionous, now she is acting fine, but I am still worried.
Anyone have a similar experience?
Thanks in advance!

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According to this article, if it dissolves in water, it is made from vegetable matter.

Not the healthiest snack,but probably nothing to worry about. If she is still looking like she's having a reaction I would call your ped.

If not she is probably fine.

I just got a package in the mail the other day full of these and of course DS was immediately attracted to it! I had to stash it in the garage asap before he grabbed one. The things these tots get into!

GOod luck and I hope this helps!
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