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Eating & Wearing

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I was wondering how do you sit at a table and eat while wearing your baby.I would think it would either\ or.How do you sit up to the table if your baby is hanging in front?Thank you and God Bless
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When my baby was tiny (ie - not grabbing my food) I would just sit somewhat sideways so as not to bang him into the table. Now that he's bigger, I can leave him on my hip, so long as I'm feeding him at the same time. Good luck!
I pushed my chair a little bit away from the table if necessary. I was careful about eating hot foods with a baby in my lap or in the sling. Hot soup can burn the baby but a little salad on her ear isn't going to hurt! I quickly learned how to eat with only one hand.

Plenty of meals, I'd hold the baby while another adult at the table ate, then we'd trade.
With a ring sling, if the baby was asleep, I'd put a napkin over him/her so my slobber wouldn't end up on them.

If they're awake, just slide the baby over into a side sort-of-football-hold carry, and voila, baby watches, you eat, everybody's happy.

Positions I have taken:

- sortof straddling the chair (ladylike, no?)
- perched on the edge of the chair
- turned to the side

Putting a napkin over the baby works well if you can't turn them away. We call it a tablecloth.

I also make sure that my meal is in bite-sized pieces so I don't need to be wrestling with a knife.
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Well, one thing I have found is you get very good at balancing food on your fork as it travels from plate over the baby through space to your mouth!

I also have baby in sling on lap during meals. Soup does not work well! Finger foods are easy. Large napkin or don't wear white shirts (as I do and stain them all!)It's definitely helpful to have another person to wear the baby for a turn while you eat.

I was wondering what you all have done when baby starts grabbing and getting interested in foods, but isn't ready to actually eat yet. Has anyone exclusively worn the baby during family meals (i.e. no high chair at all)? I'm thinking about this because my babe is 4 months and will soon be able to feed himself or at least hold some things in his hands. I really hoped not to have a high chair, because of space and dislike of large plastic baby items. Can you get by without one at all?
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Before I had DD I thought bibs were for preventing babies from drooling on themselves. Now I know that bibs are for me to put over the baby while I eat so I don't drop Hot/sticky /stainy food on her. I think when she is ready to eat she will just start on whatever I drop.

I have confused some waitresses in resturants when I say I don't need a high chair.
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You can put the child on your back.

Or you can have them facing out on your lap, strapping them to you. Put the sling around your waist and then the baby's waist. Then put the food far enough in front of you that the child can not reach it and eat with your arms extended.

Or you can just slop food on the baby's head like I do, eating when he's asleep.
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