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DD has been EBF for nearly 6 months now. A few weeks ago she had a little blood in her stool. I stopped dairy and corn and it stopped. Been that normal, yogurty BF baby poo ever since except some mucous during a small cold - until this morning. When I changed her diaper after she pooped this morning, the poop was thicker, kinda brownish (usually mustard yellow), and smelled pretty rough. No one has given her any solids, she has no yeast rash or thrush, so I'm stumped.

I do have a leaky gut somedays, and like a dummy have eaten a few too many pecans over the past couple of days. Could that be it? If so, I hope I haven't caused a problem for her with nuts later! I didn't think my eating some over a couple of days every now and then would be too bad. I have a weakness for nuts, so I just try to rotate them in my diet and not eat them very often, but occasionally I probably do go a little overboard.

Any ideas?
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