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EBF concerns

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My ds (almost 10 mths) is EBF. He does ocasionally take water from a sippy when we are out. He will eat some fingerfoods , but nothing regular....maybe a few cheerio's here and there......He was really all about some table food, but here in the last few weeks all he wants to do is just nurse.
I nurse on demand, night and day.....He seems to nurse alot at night, still every 3 hours or so....should I be concerned about this? Should he still be nursing this much? Should he be taking in more solids? He never would take rice cereal, and did'nt care for babyfood at all......Will he eventually want solid food, should I really push the issue?
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I wouldn't push the issue. I would just make food available him and let him decide. It doesn't take much food for a one year old really, he's probably getting more than you think between the bite here and nibble there. Up til one, breastmilk or formula should be their main source of nutrition, so it sounds like you are doing great. I wouldn't push it. Especially not the *BLECH* baby food. Don't even bother with baby food, who wants to eat that crap, right? Let him eat whatever he wants of real food, YK, the stuff you are eating.
My first didn't even have significant solids (he would have a bite of my fruit or something, but no pureed foods at all) until after a year old. He wasn't interested, and he was huge, so I assumed he was doing fine!

Good luck to you.
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Maybe I worry too much! It's so hard to know what is normal and right, when everyone elce around me has views/parenting practices that are so different from mine. I am glad I found these boards!
Worry is often the work of mothering...

I know that I have discussions with my husband where he just stares at me, and I know he's thinking, "Why does she worry about that silly stuff?"

Good luck to you!
Sounds about right to me. Pretty much where we are with my 10 month old too. She refuses to be fed anything so the only solids she eats are the few crumbs that she can transport to her mouth herself

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