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EBF, no AF yet, mucousy discharge?

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My son is 5.5mos old, BF is going really well, nothing but good things to report there. HOWEVER...!

I am aware that one can have cycle-like activity during BF, where you have days of thicker mucous or discharge (I don't check anything internal or cervix-ey, I rely totally on discharge for my female info!), and I've had that, off and on, like mini, non-period cycles, but now I have had creamy discharge daily for many days now. Stabbling hormonal pains down there like I did during pregnancy, and I'm wondering if this is normal to BF or if I need to go POAS.


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I don't have any answers for you, But I'm in the very same boat. I'm a little(ok maybe a lot) freaked out that it could even be a possibility. I hope someone has more info for you. Also, check out the Fertility fourm for more info. I'll be watching too.
Well, since there's discharge, that means things down there are working. I'd POAS just to ease your mind. If you're not pg, maybe you're just getting ready to ovulate?
Jillie, I am so glad I'm not alone in being too chicken (lazy, in my case, too) to go get a pregnancy test. I only have one baby, so it wouldn't mean the added CHALLENGE that you might face if you have a fourth little one now, so I'm not that scared of being pregnant, but I just hate not knowing!!

Still all this mucous coming out of me.

You might think I'm crazy, but I am reluctant to test, also, becaue dh's psychic aunt, who told us that I was preggers the first time, hasn't called with any news for me, so I highly doubt I am pregnant. Still...that's not the most scientific way for a person to know, is it?

I'll keep you posted,
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Right where you are. Lots of mucus and increasing. I'm going to start tracking next month to see if there's any activity going on. I must say that this time is totally different than last. With 1st baby, I was so dry the whole time, and I didn't have AF until 14 months PP. This time, I am much wetter and just "feel" fertile. Hmmm.
I am in the exact same boat - pain down there as if I were about to get af or I am newly pregnant. Everytime I go to the bathroom, I think I just got af, but alas, nothing. I don't have lots of discharge though, but lots of cramping. It is way worse when bf. This has been going on for over two weeks.

So Sunday, I decided to pee on every stick in my house. I had a few leftover ovulation predictors and pregnancy tests...and guess what - I am not ovulating in the next 48 hours and I am not pregnant! I asked my new moms group and all of us have had similar experiences and no one is pregnant to our knowledge.
I POAS today and it was negative. Guess I'll start keeping track of my mucous and sensations, maybe there's a pattern to them.

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