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EBF vitamins and insomnia

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Wow I just read these two different articles. One on about what vitamins a BF mom is most likely to be missing and one somewhere else about vitamin deficiencies that can lead to insomnia and it was practically the same list!!!

Heres the kellysmom article:

I don't remember where the insomnia article was but the crossover vitamins were: Calcium, Magnesium, VB6, and Zinc.

I've been taking the vitamins since Sunday and have slept for 6+ hours 2 days in a row. Its been 2 years since I've gotten this much sleep!
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My dd just weaned in January (3yrs) and Ive had insomnia on and off since my 20s (runs in the family) It seems its getting worse again in my 40s, but Ive noticed since Ive been taking vitamins, its been sooo much better. And when I forget to take them, then its back to waking up at 1am or about 3hrs.

I was just going to buy some cal/mag tabs bc I dont eat alot of dairy and Im dieting too.

Ive had more energy and I feel like exercising. TOday dd and I got up at 730 and I pushed her in the jogger around the lake and did 2 miles. I also started getting up at 6am to go to the gym b4 dh goes to work. I never would have done either of these things a few months ago, before the vites.

Im taking Rainbow Light Womens One......a multi.
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