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EBM going sour fast

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The title basically spells it out. After two day my milk is sour which I know because I taste it. It doesn't smell sour yet, but DDwouldn't drink it so I tasted it. I am using the medela pump in style for the second time (I used it with DD1 for a year while I was working) but I have all new breast shields, bottles, valves, tubing etc. I disinfected it by boiling before use. STill my milk is going sour after two days in the fridge. The fridge is as cold as it can get without freezing my food. I chill the milk right away.

I just don't get why this is happening. Any thoughts?
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Some women's milk saponifies, or turns into soap. Is that the flavor? Kind of bitter? I has to do with the individual ratios of milk and protien and other things. Some kids will drink it and some won't.
You have an "excess" of lipase in your milk. That is what I was told when I had that situation. The extra lipase causes the fat to break down more quickly and the milk gets a sourish taste.

Just curious, are you taking any hormonal birth control? I don't seem to have the problem this time around, so I was curious if there was any link. I was taking Micronor the first time.
I second the lipase idea.
Oh! Maybe my milk has always done it. DD1 drank it but I guess she had no choice as she went to daycare at some point. Or maybe I did not have excess lipase at that time.
I am not taking any birth control, but I take thyroid. I wonder if there is something I could do to reduce it?
Why would my body be making extra lipase (which digests fats)? Am I eating too much fat I wonder?
What a pain, because it would be nice to store some milk too. My work schedule is much more flexible now that I am at home, but DD2 may need to go to a sitter as well at some point, and certainly she may need to spend a day or evenings with DH by himself if I decide to take a class.
If you freeze the milk does it not go sour anymore?

Originally Posted by nuggetsmom
If you freeze the milk does it not go sour anymore?
I have read that if you freeze the milk right away, then thaw it slowly (in the frig, as opposed to on the counter or in warm water) it *should* be ok. You might try it as an experiment sometime before it becomes necessary to leave frozen milk for her, kwim?
I think you have a couple of options... 1) Freeze the milk right away instead of storing it in the fridge... and yeah, do some tests with how quickly it's warmed when out of the freezer. Try freezing small amounts and warming them fast and slow.. then taste them and see if the milk came out ok.

2) The second option is to scald your milk after you've pumped it. Put it in a pot on the stove and heat almost to boiling but not quite. It doesn't take long at all so you need to watch it carefully. I am not sure why this works, but it does! And since it's not boiling, you're not destroying all the beneficial immune properties.

It'll take you some extra time and care with your milk, but you'll be able to store it. GL!

eta: here's a link... look where it says "odor of human milk"
Scalding works because it's hot enough to denature the enzyme responsible and make it not work. Some of the immune cells will also be damaged, but not to the extent that the milk is completely "dead".
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