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EC a 16 month old??

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I had heard about EC before I had my DS, and I REALLY wanted to try it. However, at the time, we were living w/ 5 other people (who didn't like the sound of all those messes) and my husband wasn't supportive at all.

Fast forward to the present day, DS is 16 months old. He seems to be pretty aware of his pees and poops. When he pees, sometimes he will look down at his diaper and he'll reach in there. When he poops, sometimes he will lie down on the couch and wait to be changed. Yesterday, I had his diaper off to let him air out a bit, and he dropped a nice solid poop right on the floor. I laughed hystarically because he just sort of looked at it like "Where did that come from??"

Anyway, he's not always very aware, but I'm definitely seeing a difference these days. Oh, and sometimes after he wets his diaper he'll go stand in front of the toilet like his daddy.

Is it at all possible to EC this late in the game??
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Well, I won't be much help, but we're trying it with our DD who just turned 16 months. I would recommend trying some signing with him so that he can communicate with you a little better. (My dd is not talking at all, so signing has been sooo helpful in many ways. Maybe yours is more vocal.)

Anyway, I have a couple of other threads on this board about Ani and our EC/Potty Learning. I'm not really sure where EC ends and potty learning begins at this age, but anyway. We are sort of doing a combination of putting Ani on the potty farily frequently and asking her if she has to go. She almost always signs when she has to/if she is/if she just did poop, so that is sometimes helpful, and sometimes too late, iykwim.

She always has to pee as soon as she wakes up in the AM, so she almost always goes on the potty if we get her there on time. Last night was also the first night that she was dry all night, so I think we are making progress. It is pretty slow going though.

Let me know how it goes with you and we can compare notes.
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