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EC at 15 months - need some help

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Okay, so I have posted a couple times about Ani and her signing and pottying. For the last three or four days or so, I have put her on the potty as soon as she wakes up in the morning and for a nap. I always say "do you want to sit on the potty?" and I do the sign. She has peed every time. She has pooped three times on the potty in the last three days or so.

However. There have been lots of times that she has just gone in her diaper and hasn't signed that she has to go to the potty, or that she already has and wants to be changed.

I'm really trying not to pressure her too much, but I'm not sure where to draw the line. Should I take her to the potty a lot? Or let her tell me when she wants to go? Yesterday was so nice out that I let her run around in the back yard with no diaper on because I thought it might make her aware of her elimination.

I'm not really sure where to go from here. I am tempted to buy some training pants, but I don't want to move too fast, KWIM?
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I'd say don't put too much pressure on her or yourself. I have found that having a pretty relaxed approach makes ECing much better. Sometimes it seems like such a slow, slow process with little success and then all of a sudden there are spurts of progress and in hindsight you can see that EC is really working. I also think each babe is different and each babe/mommy pair is different too. My DS is 21 mos old and we've seen huge progress in the last five months. He doesn't always tell us he has to go. I take him potty alot and he's just used to it. He'll still have misses and I just go "oh...where does potty go?? Show mamma where peepee/poop goes." ...and he'll show me to the potty. I change him right away, potty him even if he's just gone and move forward. It sounds like you are doing exactly what EC is.... you are in tune to your babe's patterns and are making attempts to move forward with EC. Keep in mind that from what I have experienced and from what I've read from many posters here at MDC that EC is alot of one step ahead and a few steps back. But usually you are always moving ahead even if it does seem very slow. Good luck to you guys. I'm sure you will see you've come along way once you look back.
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