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EC for little boys

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My 2.5 month old and I are getting the hang of EC. However, we are using the Baby Bjorn potty and it seems too small. His penis hits the end of the potty sending big streams of pee up into the air, which of course, goes right into my face and hair and sometimes into his face. Lovely. Am I missing some key positioning trick? I am holding his little legs as wide and as far back as they will go. I have resorted to using a little cloth to cover.

Any advice from the pros would be appreciated.

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DS was about 2 months old when we started using the Baby Bjorn. At this age, it's actually the baby that is too small for the potty. Their legs are a little too short, so they have to sit way forward so that their feet touch the ground.

I used to just sit DS far back enough or lean him forward some so that there was about 1/4 inch or even less (just so the pee won't splash up) between his penis and the splash shield.

If, no matter what you do, his penis still presses up against the splash shield, I would just make sure to point his penis downward so the pee goes in the potty.
Hi, my ds is 3 months old and we sometimes have the same problem. Have you tried leaning him forward a little. That is what sometimes helps us avoid the overflow and his penis hitting the potty, unless it is a serious jet-propelled pee :LOL It seems to have gotten better over time.
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