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Ecing for my non-crunchy friend

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I'm not a ECer, honestly I barely have enough time to pee myself, let alone a baby, I work insane hours, and I'm a fully fledged cloth i'm ALL about my diapers

But my friend (Steve, he's a single daddy right now...long sad story, insane exwife who cheated and left him and the baby high and dry) has a son who is 3 weeks younger than my little goober, so he's nearly 16m old now.

He's totally NOT into cloth, he would be supportive of ME using cloth on his little guy if I babysat, but it totally weirds him out, the thought of poopy cloth. he's a nut...
Anywho, I broached the subject of ECing his son mikey because mike HATES diapers. With a passion. The kid SCREAMS while you are trying to change him. The only time he hasn't cried was the one time I was throwing a prefold and some burt's bees on the kiddo because he had a owchie looking rash and they were over at my place for a couple hours and I said "hey, let me put a prefold on him so his little tush can air out a bit"

They use sposies, and formula, ect. The whole non-crunchy route, but I couldn't help but thinking maybe ECing of some form, parttime or what-have-you might be a GOOD thing for him. He's very AP to his lil guy, he's more of a mom than a dad really, and sleeps with his babe in his arms

Are there any more mainstream books/articles I can point him to (as well as advice) on starting a older baby down the road to PLing/Ecing??
I would think with a baby that hates to be wet and changed as much as this kiddo, it might be worth it to try...he might be happier...
And my friend Steve didn't seem at all off-put by the idea of ECing...sooo...

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