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Looking to you mama's for your wisdom.

We will be embarking on our 2nd year of the journey we call homeschooling come August! My Dd will be starting "1st grade" so to speak. Tell me what you did for "1st grade" and what you used please.

Thanks so much in advance.

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I only have a minute so I'll be quick. I consider us pretty relaxed, secular h/sers. "School" consists of 1 hour or less in the morning for the math, writing grammar etc. Other projects (history/science etc)are done in the afternoon when the baby naps. Below is the extent of anything formal or planned or adult lead. We use a lot of board games, puzzle books etc and I've not included child generated tangents or passions - lol.

Math - Miquon supplemented by math activitiy books and story books from the library (things like 1 grain of rice, anno's math games, mathmeticians are people too, remainder of one etc.) Lot of manipulatives and Fridays were puzzle logic days. I also found an algebra dinosaur program at the teacher supply store which was a lot of fun

Reading - he's an independent reader so we didn't do anything formal. Spelling is as needed at this point.

Writing - a poetry copy book that he illustrated - one poem a week - his choice

Grammar - all from library books like A Mink a Fink and a Skating Rink, Mad libs and discussions from the poetry above.

History - SOTW and activity book - slowly with lots of tangents - lol

Geography - an around the world co-op with friends - one country per 4-6 weeks.

Science - nature approach a la Charlotte Mason, science experiments related to water and light/optics. I also read Nebel's pretty regularly - more for me so I can help answer questions or suggest ways to illustrate ideas clearly.

Art/music - as the mood strikes based on what I find at the library and what's happening in our community


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for a 6yo:

reading aloud
outdoor time
physical activity
art supplies
board games
library visits
museum visits
arithmetic as it comes up in real life
observing and discussing nature
science and history shows on cable
dancing, singing, playing instruments if desired
writing as it comes up in real life - captions for drawings, grocery lists, letters/notes

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We alos are doing first grade starting around July. I consider us eclectic, but primarily literature based. We are using

Math - Making Math Meaningful 2
Language Arts (and phonics) - Learning Language Arts Through Literature Red
Social Studies, Geography, etc. - Five in a Row
Writing - Writing Strands 1
Penmanship - letters to family
Science - Jan VanCleave's Big Book of Science Experiments, Experiments You Can Eat, and Supermarket Science (my kids LOVE science)
Art - Draw Write Now

I think that about sums it up. We will not be doing everything everyday except for the first three. HTH!
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