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Eco-friendly cleaning service in PDX?

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I'm going to need some help around the house for at least a few months postpartem and am looking for an eco-friendly cleaning service (either an individual or a company with decent benefits). Anyone know of one?
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I just looked in the Re-Direct Guide (they have them at Natures and such - a "green" phone directory). There are two places listed under cleaning services:

Houseopolis Homecleaning - "general cleaning w/ getting house to maintenance level room by room. Fee usually $50." 503-422-8076

NW Enviro-Clean: "the green cleaners. Homes and businesses". 503-232-9571
[email protected]
call for a free estimate

good luck!
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Thanks so much.

A friend recently told me about the Re-Direct Guide, but with my preggo brain I forgot almost as soon as I resolved to remember.
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Have you thought about a postpartum doula? They will do light housework, dishes, cooking (one time or fill the freezer type), laundry and they also help with new baby care and breastfeeding. They usually charge about $15-$18 an hour. So, if you had one come in for a few hours a week or something, they could help a lot with what might be multiple needs and it might end of costing you the same.

Of course if you are just looking for some heavy duty housecleaning, most doulas don't do that. (although I usually do sweeping, vacumming, mopping type stuff, I just won't clean other peoples bathrooms)

I am a PP Doula, but I am not trying to "sell" my services - just an idea. I would be happy to PM you will some names of doulas in the community.

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Thanks for the info. Hiring a PP Doula was the first thing we considered, until we examined our actual needs. DH will be home for at least three weeks after DD2's birth, four if I end up with a c/b and don't heal as quickly as last time. If after four weeks I'm still not as mobile as I hope, then we will have a PP Doula in... you just may here from me yet.

Neither of us particularly like to clean and I've been pretty fatigued this last trimester so was only too willing to let the cleaning go even more than usual. Ideally I'm looking for something every two weeks for six months or so, but could easily see this turning into something permanent. I ended up getting a friend of someone listed in the ReDirect and we're trying out her services next Monday. Very positive phone conversation and it looks good.
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