Stuffing Stockings this holiday season? Skip the trinkets on aisle five and check out these eco-friendly stocking stuffers sure to make the whole family smile.

If you're like us, you're tired of all the plastic junk that lines aisle after aisle of just about every store you see this time of year. And, let's face it...who wants to fill their kids' stockings with all that junk, only to be dumped on Christmas morning and creating havoc for your child's body and the environment?

Plastic pollution is a serious problem, and unfortunately, much of the stocking stuffer ideas we see out and about as we're doing holiday shopping are just trinkets and processed foods that are going to do damage to the environment in big ways. And while we may find it completely impossible to end our plastic consumption altogether, the holidays are a time where we see big increases in quick purchases with little thought to the environment or overall benefit to our families.

We don't want this to be the norm, and that's why we've searched for eco-friendly stocking stuffers the whole family can enjoy without poisoning their bodies or the earth. Check out some of our favorites!

Earth Hero Eco-Friendly DoughEarth Friendly Eco-dough is a great stocking stufferWe can't say it enough, where we put our money matters. The folks at Earth Hero feel the same, and their motto of "Choices Make Changes," is one we love to stand behind firmly. That's why it's one of our favorite go-to stores when looking for eco-friendly products that are great for the environment and great for humanity. This eco-friendly dough is nothing but clean ingredients. Made with Non-GMO flour, salt, soy oil, cream of tartar, organic rosemary oil, vitamin E oil, water, citric acid, potassium sorbate, and FDA-approved Soy-based organic and inorganic pigments, you won't have to worry about even your littlest little ingesting anything bad for her. They're part of Earth Hero's eco-kids craft supplies line, and they're not just safe for kids; they're products safe for the environment too. The packaging is printed with soy inks on FSC Certified Paper in a wind-powered factory, and the container is made from 100% recycled plastic and is recyclable itself.

Most of all, the dough is fun for kids and a perfect stocking stuffer for hours of safe play.

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Green Tones Endangered Animal Shaker Setthis shaker set is an eco-friendly stocking stuffer

While you're checking Earth Hero out, feast your eyes on this adorable little shaker set from Green Tones. It's designed in the USA and ethically produced in India using chemical-free Rubberwood, recyclable pellets and non-toxic glue and water-based VOC-free paint. Green Tones is a certified 1% for the Planet Member, and they donate to environmental organizations worldwide. The Rubberwood trees are sustainably sourced from India. They're near the end of their lifespans and can't produce latex anymore, but Green Tones believes in zero waste and they're used to make these gorgeous and clean shakers for kids of all ages. They're packaged in recycled containers that are also recyclable and they're free from dyes, lead or heavy metals. And really, who doesn't love eco-friendly stocking stuffers that also help your little one's cognitive development bloom?

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LifeStraw Personalized Water FilterLifestraws are the perfect eco-friendly stocking stuffers

When these appear in our stockings, the whole family goes wild! They're the perfect take-along for hikes or campouts and they are the perfect size for purposed stocking stuffers. More, we love the mission of the ladies behind LifeStraw. Alison Hill and Tara Lundy make public health and service their purpose in life. They guide a global team of bad-ass women in Research and Development with a focus on safety and clean water for all. These moms go across the world fighting for clean water for families everywhere, and they donate tremendous amounts of their time, talents and resources in natural disaster situations like Hurricane Dorian. Every purchase of a LifeStraw product gives an ENTIRE YEAR of clean water, health and hygiene education for a child in a developing country. ONE WHOLE YEAR, people. And LifeStraw is a Climate Neutral Brand that works to save the planet as they help save people. We can't love these mamas enough, and you're doing great things for families everywhere--yours included--when you stuff stockings with LifeStraw!

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Mindful Kids: 50 Mindfulness Activities For Kindness, Focus and Calm

This gorgeous set of mindfulness activities from Barefoot Books is incredible. The activities help your children start their day and find calm in a mindful way, giving attention to focus and opening their hearts to the world. They teach children (of all ages) how to manage everyday emotions and build empathy with fun games, activities and meditations. We also love Global Kids cards-games, crafts and recipes from around the world that teach children about different cultures and traditions with hands-on and easy-to-follow activities. They show how we are all special, yet we all share so much in common. Another favorite is Yoga Pretzels, which are cards that parents and kids can do together to enjoy quality time together. The folks at Barefoot Books are all about sustainability and giving back, and we're all about these cards that do that in such a beautiful way!

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Back on the subject of straws...we've found an eco-friendly stocking stuffer that is pretty unique and saves the earth too. It's a reusable, collapsible straw that comes in a cute carrying case you can attach to your keyring so that you always have it with you. FinalStraw works to help find a solution to the very critical plastic pollution problem, and since their launch last year, they've helped eliminate nearly 70-million single-use straws from coming into the environment. They are also members of 1% For The Planet and support plastic awareness campaigns, children's educational programs and plastic policy and legislation. Pop these into every family member's stocking and help reduce plastic consumption every day.

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Spy Optic Cadet Snow Goggles

Stuff, stuff, stuff. We have so much stuff. As more of us decide to give gifts that give experiences, we find ourselves needing less 'stuff' and more 'gear.' That's why we love these snow goggles from Spy Optic. They're a Southern California based company that takes care of your eyes, and if you're considering winter wonderland adventures this holiday season (instead of more stuff), you'll want to be sure your eyes and your kiddos' eyes are covered. Spy Optic is a family of athletes and artists who use harness blue-light in their optical artistry with their Happy Lens technology. They know that exposure to long-wave blue light can positively affect mood and energy, and so their Happy Lenses protect from short-wave blue light but use long-wave blue light efficiently! Play on!

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Alter Eco Chocolates

These gift boxes are great to buy and then give bars as stocking stuffers for every stocking you know! Each gift box purchased means Alter Eco will plant one tree in the Peruvian Amazon--that's where Alter Eco's fair-trade farmers grow organic cacao. Alter Eco has planted 30,000 trees in that region since 2008, and all Alter Eco chocolates and truffles are made with the cleanest, most simple and fair-trade organic ingredients. No one needs that crap candy in their stocking; Alter Eco's chocolate is delicious and good for the environment too!

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Ethique Body Products

Ethique's concern for the earth and her environment is beyond just concern for plastic pollution. Too many beauty and cosmetics companies have ZERO cares to give about the deforestation, habitat loss and decimation of wildlife that comes with creating products. Additionally, there's so much barbaric testing on animals. Ethique knows that cosmetics and beauty products can be devastating to animals, and so they support a wide range of charities and groups that work to conserve and protect animals and environmental groups. Each year, they donate a fifth of their profits (that's a whopping 20%, folks!) to those groups, and they're committed to protecting our planet and its beautiful animals. In fact, many of the charities they support 'adopt' animals and Ethique's profits help pay for their care. They also practice sustainable packing protocols and their concentrated fair and body products last up to 5 times longer than traditional bottled counterparts. The sleeves they come in are 100% compostable, so there is zero consumer waste and we've been lucky enough to try several products-they work!

Their body sampler makes skin soft and smooth and even with hot mess curly hair like mine, the hair sampler pack brought it life. The sleeves are perfectly sized for stockings too!

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Rheos Floating Sunglasses

How much do we love these awesome sunglasses? Founded by a husband and wife who were living the dream as they lived out of their 1981 Airstream (#vanlife), they realized that replacing lost sunglasses from adventures was pricey! They decided that their love of life on the water meant they could help others out too, and they created Rheos--floating sunglasses that protect your eyes and protect your wallet should they fall into currents they weren't exactly meant for! And they have kids' sizes, which means you're not constantly losing your kiddos' shades to the water!
Based out of beautiful Charleston, SC, Rheos is a member of 1% For The Planet, and at minimum, 1% of their annual revenue goes to partner for environmental causes. They partner with local groups to advocate for waterways and they regularly help keep their beloved beaches and marshes clean. They're all about doing good, for the planet and your eyes, and we're all in!

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Four Organics Lip Balm

The founder of Four Organics Lip Balm got tired of trying to pronounce the names of all the chemicals in lip products and decided to take us back to the days when you could pronounce the ingredients. And the ones you couldn't? Well, let's just keep those for the car! FOUR organic lip balms only have four organic, sustainable ingredients: Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Peppermint Oil and Beeswax. Yep, that's where FOUR comes from, and those four ingredients have no preservatives, toxic ingredients and are not tested on animals. Perfect for the stockings of all you know and love!

KIC Start--Kids In Conversation Cards

Going over the river and through the woods to Grandma's house this holiday season? You will love these conversation cards! They're a great mix of age-appropriate questions to get conversations between parents and kids really going. Some questions are funny, others are thought-provoking and offer deeper topic discussions, but they're great for all the family members. They are awesome for helping develop and encourage questioning civilly and respectfully, and they can be fun ice-breakers at functions or parties. Instead of hours on a screen in the car, how about hours of conversations you never knew you were missing? There are 150 cards, and the talking points are endless.

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Hoodie Chew Chew! They are the perfect stocking stuffer for just about anyone--those who have teethers, children or adults who have anxiety or oral fixations...they're perfect for children or adults with autism or who have ADD/ADHD/SPDD as they're a safer alternative to chewing on things like their hair, pens/pencils, hands and clothing. They are not a choking hazard as they don't have cords or clasps and they're made from 100% medical-grade silicone so they are safe for chewing and sensory input and fixation. They can be cleaned in the dishwasher or with soap and water, and they make great teethers for little ones who like to chew on the hoodies of mama or daddy. Yes, a wearable teether dads will wear too! They're an inconspicuous way to meet the needs of many, and they're fun patterns too!

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Lotus Produce Bags

Yes, produce bags in stockings can be FUN because they're easy ways to make protecting the environment a priority, and that's always fun. We love these Lotus Produce Bags--they don't frustrate us like the stupid plastic bags at the store, and they certainly are cleaner and better to our environment than those plastic bags. This 9-piece set is color-coded to help you quickly and easily find the size you need, and they're exactly what you want to put your leafy greens, fruits and even seeds and nuts in without consuming plastic.

They're machine washable, and they won't hold food smells or stains that some cotton produce bags do. Plus, the mesh lets your fruits and veggies breathe without smelling up your refrigerator. They won't have condensation to rot your produce, and there is zero-waste because you can use them over and over again. Lotus is a member of 1% For The Planet, and that means that they too donate at minimum, 1% of their annual revenue to environmental causes. From a small, family-owned business? We think that's big!

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Prospek Blue Light Blockers

Let's just be real. We all use screens. We're preeeettty sure you're using one right now, aren't you? And in that, we need to protect our eyes. Short-wave blue light comes from all over, but particularly if we're in front of screens (ahem), we need to protect our eyes. Blue light can increase our odds of macular degeneration, which can lead to permanent vision loss. We need to make sure that our retinas are protected as too much blue light exposure can damage the light-sensitive cells in our retinas.

Not to mention, blue light exposure contributes to digital eye strain. The short-wavelength blue light scatters more easily than other visible light, so focusing on it is harder. Digital eye strain can give headaches, insomnia, eye damage and in kids? It can even contribute to behavior issues (one of the big reasons screen-time limits are key). These blue-light glasses from Prospek are fun and comfy to wear, and they come in adult and child sizes so everyone in the family can have a pair. They should be a staple of every time someone is using a screen, and we challenge you to watch and see if behavior and fatigue when using screens don't change!

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Llamas Unleashed

If you loved Unstoppable Unicorns (and you know you did!) you're going to LOVE Llamas Unleashed! Llamas Unleashed brings on 135 new cards starring the lovable llamas and there are some new friends as well. Goats, alpacas and rams hit the barnyard in this fun game for the whole family. It works on strategy, team building and problem-solving and it can be played again and again for hours of family fun!

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Banana Panda Peekaboo Riddles

These fun and engaging riddle cards from Banana Panda engage your little one's senses and helps them expand their vocabulary in a meaningful way. It's hard to find stuff to fill the stockings of little ones, so we love coming across things like riddles designed specifically to interest and entertain younger family members. They are great for the car or for restaurants or doctors' offices and they can even be put together as a picture book. Your child's creativity and imagination will be ignited and you won't need any screens or electricity to do so!

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