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Great toothbrushes

review by mhemingson

I really like that these toothbrushes save me money. I keep the same handle by popping out bristles from the head and putting in new bristles. It's very easy and takes no time at all. Your eco footprint is pretty low with these reusable toothbrushes. A neat feature of the toothbrushes is that they've been clinically proven to have a low bacteria load, because of how the bristles are designed. The only thing that I've noticed, is that the bristles seem to wear out a little faster than conventional toothbrushes.

low bacteria load, economical, ecologicalBristles seem to soften faster than regular toothbrushes


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ECODENT Terradent 31 Toothbrush+Refill Medium

State of the art replaceable head toothbrush system: The TerrAdent Toothbrush system was designed to provide you with an effective and economical toothbrush that also provides environmental benefits. In tests reported in the June 1998 issue of Oeko-Test, a leading German consumer magazine, TerrAdent Toothbrushes scored higher than every other brand in head to head quality competition. Tested brands included Oral-B, Colgate, Sensodyne, Dr. Best (Aquafresh) and Fuchs. What sets TerrAdent above the rest? First of all, there is the award winning bristle system which provides more rounded-tip bristles than other brands, is much gentler to gums, and the unique pattern which gets to more tooth surfaces than standard toothbrushes. Next, there is the patent thermo-welding technology (more on this later), the unique FlexZone handle and the high quality ISO 9001 manufacturing process. Patented Thermo-welded Bristle Field: The thermo-welded bonding of the bristles directly into the head provide greater strength and dramatically reduce the opportunity for bacteria to hide and breed in the base of the bristles. TerrAdent has the lowest bacterial load of any toothbrush, including the major mass market brands, tested by a leading European university. FlexZone Handle Makes it better: The dentist designed handle provides the proper grip for better dental hygiene. The FlexZone neck helps you avoid putting too much pressure on your teeth or gums during brushing by balancing out the pressure. Replaceable Head System Saves You Money: Because you are not buying a complete toothbrush handle each time, but just replacement heads, the TerrAdent system saves you money on your toothbrush purchases. Good for the environment as well: Replacing only the heads instead of entire toothbrushes creates an enormous benefit both on the side of reduced production as well as reduced landfill pressure. This is a far better solution than mailing in and recycling individual toothbrushes as well, with far few

BindingHealth and Beauty
FeatureECODENT Terradent 31 Toothbrush+Refill Medium
List Price$5.75
Product GroupHealth and Beauty
TitleECODENT Terradent 31 Toothbrush+Refill Medium
Weight0.7 pounds


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