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Ecological breastfeeding

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I have never heard this term before....what is it???
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I've heard this too. And I think it's when you breastfeed only. No sippy cups, no bottles, no solids, no pacifiers, etc. For as long as 2 years I think. I had a friend who did this and this is what she did.
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No, it when you use breastfeeding as a child spacer. In order for that to happen, you must also not use any breast substitutes, must cosleep to allow unrestricted access to breast, must nurse on demand, no schedules, etc. When all that happens, your period will be suppressed. When the child no longer needs to nurse so frequently, your period will return, and you can get pg again. Note, it's not quite the same as birth control, but a way of spacing the children in a family.
It should also be noted that it may not work for as long as you'd like it to.

We were co-sleeping and nursing on demand since birth, we had not introduced solids, we did not supplement or use pacis.
But I got pregnant again at 7 months pp.
Maybe it will work when we're tandem nursing.
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I've been lucky in that I haven't had a return of my period and ds is 11 mos. I've found it linked to the late start we had getting ds on solids, but don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining!

Otoh, I thought you could still get pg even without a period??
I don't have my resource handy, but there are something like 7 'rules' you should follow. some of them have been mentioned, but a big one is napping with your child at least once a day. this is the one i could never get down!
Here is some additional information:

Do exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life; don't use other liquids and solids.

Pacify the baby at the breast.

Don't use bottles and pacifiers.

Sleep with the baby for night feedings.

Sleep with the baby for a daily-nap feeding.

Nurse frequently day and night, and avoid schedules.

Avoid any practice that restricts nursing or separates mom and baby.
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I didn't think of it as child spacing, altho I was interested in the idea of natural child spacing.

I just nursed my ds whenever he asked, and I never pumped or used bottles or formula or pacifiers, and I wore my baby in a sling and slept with him and nursed him all through the night ... and we still cosleep and he still nurses at night... I didn't schedule, and I stayed home with him until he started preschool parttime (which I sorta regret... but that's another story)...

anyway, I didn't get my period back until the day after he turned two years old, so I guess it worked, in that regard...

but the main reason we did/do it is bc it felt/feels right for the baby/child/us/family. His greatest need is the breast for nourishment and comfort. This need is dwindling now as he gets older, but it is still there. I believe that as long as the child wants to nurse, it is a need. I meet this need as much as I can, but as he got older I began to set a few limits... this didn't start until he began preschool and couldn't nurse at school bc I wasn't there (one reason for regret, bc he wasn't ready to separate at that point)...

the limits might have waited until he turned 3 yo or so, when he seemed more emotionally ready to "wait till we get home" type of thing if I didn't want to nurse at the supermarket or whatever.

ETA: my ds didn't take to solid foods right away, and primarily nursed until around 15months when he started eating regular sold meals. But he didn't really eat a considerable amount of solid food until he was almost two years old at least. It turns out he has lots of allergies and food sensitivities, and knew that breastmilk was the best thing for him.
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Wow I hadn't heard of this before. I'm following the 7 principles though, so maybe we'll just start using this for BC. I want closely spaced kids anyway so it wouldn't bother me to get pg again at 6 or 7 months postpartum. Ecological breastfeeding would help me justify my daily nap to myself too
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