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Ecology ?

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I hope this is the right board to post this.

My friend called me the other day b/c her sister, V, wants to use cloth diapers b/c of ecological aspects so she picked my brain about it. In doing so she mentioned that V will probably want to bf, but not for long. I'd like to pass along some info about how bf is ecologically friendly, too, if that may persuade her to look into it more seriously. However, I don't really have any links on that. Links would be easiest since I don't have direct contact w/ V and I can e-mail them to my friend who can fwd them to her sister...

Thanks in advance!!

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I don't have any links, but there isn't any waste with nursing. There are no bottles, no disposible liners, no containers of formula, no energy used while boiling and cleaning, no energy used to heat the formula, and no big trucks on the road or multiple trips to the store to move around supplies of bottles and formulas. There aren't any factories that make human milk, either.

Some of these links contain environmental info buried in the middle of other info. Other links are all about bf and the environment. One link is for a "breastfeeding is environmentally friendly" button/badge.

And here are 101 Reasons to breastfeed:
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Thanks so much!!!! I sent her a couple of those links.

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Here's a link to a great article from Mothering Magazine!

It's called "Eco-Mama: Why Breastfeeding is Best for Babies ... and the Environment"
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