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eczema and bleeding

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Looking for help!

Right from the start, i have experienced intense pain from breastfeeding - sores appeared immediately, even with help from the midwife and lactation expert. After 1 week, the left side was bleeding, so i expressed having been told this will clear up the sores. 5 weeks later and 3 bouts of mastitis later, they were still open. A few days of homeopathy cleared them up though. By this point my newborn was having top ups with formula as i felt i was just going to have to swap to bottle. Emjotionally this was really hard for me as i have had eczema my whole life and am so worried my son will get it. With healed nipples though i thought i'd latch him back on. he went on beautifully and it felt wonderful - no pain. However after 4 days, my nipples stung and were cracked again. He had black nappies from all the blood i didn't realise he'd had. I've taken him off and now he's on formula. Has anyone ever experienced similar sensitivity of their nipples due to their own eczema and skin type? I wonder if all this was due to my eczema, or if there was anything i could've done.

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I have had nipple eczema.

Coupled with the mastitis, I would wager that your problems may be more due to a less-than perfect latch than the mastitis. For a lot of mums, eczema on the nipples doesn't occur til solids are introduced IE there is food other than breastmilk in baby's mouth that gets left on your nipples.

Working on your latch will help minimze any pain you may be feeling, help nipples to heal up, and prevent further sores even if you skin is tender with the eczema. Do you have a bfing clinic or LLL meeting where you can get some hands on help with your latch?

Stay away from Lansinoh or other lanolin nipple ointments, as lanolin is usually irritating to eczema. There is a good homeopathic ointment called Unda 270 that is helpful and should be safe for baby - check with your ND (I used it when my DD was over a year).
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I have that fair sensitive type skin too and am prone to eczema and skin problems of all sorts. Nursing - had problems with both my babies. To cut a long story short, treatments I used to combat thrush and nipple trauma (my dd had a high palate and was hard to nurse) seemed to aggravate my skin more. I developed some kind of contact dermatitis from using thrush topical treatments (even GSE). I had to stop using anything. Actually I cheated and still used a bit of Newman's APNO as I was in so much pain. I even popped the occasional Percocet it was so painful. But in the end it cleared up. With my dd (with the high palate), it took 4 mo to get to exclusive nursing and 6m before I was totally pain free. With my ds (he was 1 mo early and in NICU getting bottles), it took 6w to get to exclusive nursing and about 3mo before I got to pain free.

I bet you have fair skin! And if you have red hair, it's apparently even worse.

BTW I don't think a little blood in the milk will hurt baby.

You could try pumping again. How long since you've nursed? Both my kids were easier to nurse as they got older cause their mouths were bigger. That was one of my problems - getting a good latch.
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