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Eczema and flying...

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About a year ago I started getting painful acne eruptions. I tried just about every over-the-counter and homeopathic remedy I could find. Things only got worse. It was odd because the bumps didn't behave like normal pimples. Eventually I headed to the dermatologist who diagnosed peri-oral dermatitis. I questioned the doc because I knew this was just a fancy way of saying I had a rash around my mouth. She said that its actually a form of eczema and that the pustules that looked like pimples were actually skin irritations. She prescribed an antibiotic cream and recommended I switch to a non-flouride toothpaste for awhile. My skin looked remarkably better within a couple of days. Yippee!!!

But there is one problem. Every time I get on a plane the rash flares up. I had noticed this for months when I thought it was regular acne. Why was it that I could get on a plane with relatively clear skin and have 10 large pimples by the time the flight landed? Now I know but I still don't know what to do about it.

So something on the plane is making the rash worse. I fly a lot and have just learned to put up with this. But I'm getting married in my hometown next month which means a long flight about 36 hours before the wedding. I really don't want to have this rash on my wedding day. It looks horrific. I normally drink lots of water, try to eat well, and usually don't wear makeup when I fly, but that hasn't been enough.

Anyone have tips for keeping it from flaring during the flight? If you haven't had this particular problem, then any tips on keeping eczema from flaring up might come in handy.
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I have periodic eczema and it gets much worse in dry conditions (like when our forced-air heating is on in the winter). Planes are super-dry and always aggravate it, but I don't know if what you have would react the same way. I would make sure my skin is well-moisturized before flying and then apply some thick cream (petroleum jelly or shea butter or eucerin or whatever) to keep it from being in contact with the dry air. But what you have sounds kinda different. Maybe someone else knows better.....
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