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Eczema out of nowhere?!!

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help! dd (3) has always had what was probably a tiny bit of eczema on her wrist, but it never seemed to bother her or increase. now she has all this eczema in the crease of her elbow, hands, and belly. she says it itches if i ask her, but she doesn't scratch it. she's on the spectrum, and she doesn't seem completely able to verbalize and attend to her discomforts in general
. anyway, i don't think anything has changed in her diet, so i'm trying to pinpoint the source. i generally don't use soap on her at all, and recently she started wanting bubble baths. do you think just that could do it? if so, now that i've stopped the baths, any guesses on how long it'll take for her skin to recover? thanks!!
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definitely cut out the bubble baths and see if that helps!

Also, for my son's eczema we use California Baby cream for eczema/sensitive skin, and it is fantastic! we also use their shampoo and daily lotion for him too. We previously used Burt's Bees and his eczema on his back was worse when we did.

No idea how long it will take for it to get better...I think that's kind of an individual thing. For DS, he clears up quickly after we eliminate the problem and use the eczema cream. Probably a few days.

Try to let her get sunlight as much as possible. That helps!

If it's not the bubble bath it could be a certain fabric she's coming in contact with, or an outdoor seasonal thing..or a food?

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You can try using this TruKid Eczema Care Bubble Podz. It's really effective for babies and kids with eczema..
So my niece has/had eczema that turned out was a reaction to food dyes(like red 40, yellow 5). Her eczema was all over her legs and arms and they have since completely disappeared. Try cutting those out and see if it helps.
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